Relativo a la zona que rodea el ano.

Diccionario Mosby - Medicina, Enfermería y Ciencias de la Salud, Ediciones Hancourt, S.A. 1999.

Diccionario médico. 2013.

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  • circumanal — adj. [L. circum, around; anus, anus] About or surrounding the anus …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • circumanal — Surrounding the anus. SYN: perianal, periproctic. * * * cir·cum·anal (sur″kəm aґnəl) surrounding the anus; cf. perianal …   Medical dictionary

  • circumanal glands — specialized sweat and sebaceous glands situated in an annular zone around the anus; called also anal or Gay glands …   Medical dictionary

  • anal glands — circumanal g s …   Medical dictionary

  • Gay glands — circumanal g s …   Medical dictionary

  • Perianal — Located around the anus, the opening of the rectum to the outside of the body. Peri is a prefix borrowed from the Greek. It means around or about. So pericardial is around the heart. Perinatal is around birth. And periumbilical is around the… …   Medical dictionary

  • gland — An organized aggregation of cells functioning as a secretory or excretory organ. SYN: glandula (1) [TA]. [L. glans, acorn] accessory g. a small mass of glandular structure, detached from but lying near another and larger g., to which it is… …   Medical dictionary

  • Циркум- (Circum-) — приставка, указывающая на расположение вокруг, вблизи. Например: циркуманальный (circumanal) расположенный вблизи заднего прохода. Источник: Медицинский словарь …   Медицинские термины

  • Lemur catta —   Lémur de cola anillada …   Wikipedia Español

  • circum- — A circular movement, or a position surrounding the part indicated by the word to which it is joined. SEE ALSO: peri . [L. around] * * * prefix denoting around; surrounding. Example: circumanal (surrounding the anus). * * * [L.] a prefix… …   Medical dictionary

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